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Chris Edwards


I've always stood out from the crowd, being 6ft 6 it's hard not to. At school I was the biggest in my class; when I was younger, I would be the biggest on the pitch playing rugby for Chester; my road bike is the biggest size frame they make. I've also got the biggest heart and going above and beyond is something that has always been in my nature.

Chris Edwards

Caring about my clients’ mental and physical goals and their fitness journey is what I am most passionate about, whilst also working towards my own training goals and personal achievements.

In my early 20’s I lost my way with being active and got stuck in a rut with over-consuming food and drink and piled on the weight. It was when I tipped the scales at 22 stone, I decided that I needed to make the change and get back to a healthier and more active lifestyle. It wasn't easy. I've gone through over-eating, comfort eating, not being able to say no; but I had enough of living that life and over time stuck with the journey and my consistency and persistence paid off.

Chris Edwards Before After

Now 10 years on I am 6 stone lighter and fitter and healthier than I have ever been.

I have been an enthusiastic fitness fan for a long time and currently put my body through rigorous training 5-6 times a week, and this has spilt over in to wanting to help others achieve more. My passion for all things exercise really shows; being involved with a local cycling team doing over 100 miles a week and combining that with strength training, bodyweight training, squash, paddle boarding, running and any outdoor activity. I love to test the limits mentally and physically, striving to be better every day.