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I started training with Chris four months ago. I had never used a Personal Trainer before so was a little apprehensive, however I am now so pleased I decided to go ahead and do it. During my consultation with Chris we spoke about what I wanted to get out of my sessions and since starting I have noticed I have more energy, I feel stronger and certainly have more stamina than before. Chris is easy to work with while still being challenging and pushing my capabilities. He makes exercising interesting, varied and always explains what we are doing and why. I hope to continue my sessions with Chris and carry on making progress.

Hilary Cossa

Chris quickly understood what I wanted from our sessions together and over the months we’ve developed a challenging but balanced series of exercises. He makes it easy, but at the same time explains at each step what we are doing and why. Highly recommended.

Nick Inkster

I knew that I needed to improve my fitness level and wanted to lose weight and get in shape. I’d never enjoyed going to the gym and felt that I would struggle to keep up with the pace of a large class. I was nervous at first about how I would cope with personal training, but straight away I felt that Chris listened and understood my concerns and what I wanted to get out of our sessions. He is really encouraging and positive, and always manages to get me to do more than I think I can! He has given me great advice about diet and lifestyle choices in general and is a great support on my fitness journey.

Claire Hearfield

I decided that my Christmas money would be best spent getting myself back to feeling a happier me rather than buy a new wardrobe of clothes. It had been a while since I'd been back in the gym environment, I preferred spending time on my own doing occasional runs outside but knew that I needed to change my style of training to tackle areas I had issues with. I met with Chris for my first session and I've never looked back. I've been training with Chris now for 8 months and every session is packed with great feel good exercises. He's made me realise that exercise, and nutrition go hand in hand and there is no quick fix. As I continue on my journey to a fitter healthier me, I'm loving the results that I can see. My shape is changing and can see more definition to those wobbly areas. Chris is always there to give encouragement especially on the days when you're just not feeling it, he has a professional approach and genuine interest in your health and wellbeing. When I first started, I felt nervous with zero confidence even asked if we can train not facing the mirrors but now I look forward to our training sessions and seeing what fun things he has planned.

Susie Davies

I’ve been using Chris as a personal trainer for around 6 months now and would highly recommend him to anyone. His tailored approach means the sessions are varied and fun, and the results speak for themselves, having lost around 5kg so far. More than that I feel more confident and healthier, and now find myself looking forward to his sessions!

Phil Jones

I started training with Chris 4 months ago with a goal of improving my fitness to help with playing netball. I had a fear of the gym and anything more than light cardio. Chris immediately made me feel at ease and understood my training goals better than I did. He had patience as I learnt the techniques of exercises I was scared to attempt and helped me improve on these week on week. I have seen a huge improvement in what my body can achieve now and get a buzz out of the exercise I once was afraid to try. Chris is a brilliant trainer that I would absolutely recommend to anyone.

Ffion Perin

Since I have been going to see Chris for my personal training sessions, I have become motivated to lose weight and improve my fitness. In total I have lost a stone in three months and can now keep up with my family as my fitness levels improve. This has been the only thing that has worked for me I needed the routine and the discipline. Chris has kept the sessions at the right pace for me and is patient and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Lisa Rowlands

I have been strength training on and off the past 30 years but have been seriously impressed with the level of Chris's knowledge in training and nutrition, and his dedication in supporting me to achieve my goals. Chris has helped me to gain fast results in strength training, and I am loving the results - he rates way above PT’s I have worked with in the past.

Nic Nikolic

Having trained with Chris for a few months now I have really seen a big improvement in my strength and conditioning through a wide range of body-weight and free-weight exercises. Chris makes every session different while making sure to keep in mind my own targets and goals, so neither the brain nor the body is likely to get bored! He is positive and encouraging but also pushes you to squeeze out every bit of effort. He really seems to know his stuff and is happy to share his knowledge and insights as well as provide tips and advice on home workouts, healthy eating and how to balance fitness with the outside world of jobs and a social life. I would highly recommend him, especially for anyone who has had not-so-great or off-the-shelf personal training before, the difference is massive.

Geoff Regan

I was really nervous before I started training - I hadn’t done proper exercise in a long time and my fitness levels were non-existent. I wouldn’t have gone at all, but I was desperate to lose weight before my wedding. Any worries I had about being judged or overwhelmed were put at ease right away. Chris talked me through my goals and concerns before we got started and created a tailored training and nutrition programme that suited both my lifestyle and my aspirations. It was tough but totally achievable. I lost fat, gained muscle, massively improved my fitness and felt great on my wedding day in the dress I was too big for when we started - I even had to have it taken in! The wedding was two months ago and I’m now working with Chris on new fitness goals. He is a fantastic personal trainer who makes training fun and gives you the confidence to push beyond the limits you think you have. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Holly Delaney