Chris Edwards Tailored Personal Training

The Vision

Empowering clients to succeed with their fitness journey.

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Chris Edwards


My vision is to empower my clients, regardless of current fitness levels or age, with the knowledge to succeed with their fitness journey in a fun but safe and controlled manner.

Focusing on good relationships with food, teaching you no foods are off limits and to enjoy a varied balanced diet. I coach using a complete mixture of training methods including body weight, strength, functional, endurance and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) depending on your needs.

Chris Edwards

Functional Movements

My training style promotes functional movement patterns - movements which are most effective and occur in everyday life - which creates results and benefits both in and outside of the gym, increasing mobility, strength, coordination, and balance.

Chris Edwards

Move & Feel Better

The benefits of training like this will have you walking away feeling great within yourself and having a more positive outlook on life. It’s not solely about looking good; the most important aspect for me is feeling better within yourself.

I get great satisfaction in helping my clients with their fitness journey, seeing them achieve a healthier lifestyle and succeeding in moving more freely every day.